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Who are we?

barral mask

Our vision All our textile expertise to protect humanity

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We are developing a range of filtration textile solutions that will protect you in all situations.


At Barral, we’re committed to having environmentally friendly production while guaranteeing you optimum protection. We make the choice of lightness, without compromising on quality. This means our products are made from innovative materials, guaranteeing you unrivalled comfort.

Success story a business adventure at the heart of the Alsace

A factory set up in 30 days

We are six entrepreneurs who got together in 2020 to respond to the huge demand for barrier masks created by the Coronavirus crisis. An exceptional mobilisation of skills for a long-term industrial project, focused on the future, with one priority: to protect humanity.

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Barral Founders

Production / R&D

alsace production site

1 production site
in Centre-Alsace
(68 - Rouffach)


Monthly capacity
of more than 10 million masks

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ESG policy (environmental, social and governance) the choice of humanity and the planet

Barral’s values are based on a demanding set of environmental, social and governance criteria.

Environmental criterion: relates to controlling our impact on the planet throughout the life cycle of our products.

Social criterion: relates to respecting the company’s employees, but also service providers and subcontractors.

Governance criterion: relates to the way the company is managed, administered and controlled.